Coaching areas

“Darkness and fear are the Great Awakeners. In facing my fears, I find my freedom.” “Ask yourself, ‘Did I overcome fear and learn how to love?”

— —Class 28 Meditation, Shifting From Fear to Love, ©2012 Professional Practitioner Studies, Year I, Term 3


Change With Grace

If you are experiencing change, or if you want to change something in your life, coaching is the perfect opportunity to help you navigate life and its endless possibilities.

  • Eliminate habits, ideas, and beliefs that no longer serve you

  • Experience life in a new way

  • Experience the power of intention and allowing

  • Change discomfort and resistance into joyful anticipation

© Rolffimages | - <a href="">Eye Photo</a>

© Rolffimages | - <a href="">Eye Photo</a>

Expand Consciousness

Discover how your thoughts influence what you experience in the world.  Learn how to use this energy to achieve desired outcomes.

  • Increase your awareness of Love, Abundance, and Prosperity

  • Realize your highest potential

  • Release fear and doubt

  • Embrace your shadow and grow

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Practitioner Session

Practitioners are trained to know the Truth for you when you are unable to know it for yourself. Sessions help:

  • Uncover hidden beliefs

  • Adopt new beliefs

  • Discover your authentic self

  • Claim your good

  • Includes Prayer