My Philosopphy and My Approach

  • You are the authority of your life. YOU know best. My role is to help you listen to, and trust your inner wisdom. My role is to empower you, inspire you, and help connect you to resources that align with your life values and goals.

  • Change takes time. Some changes are easier and happen more quickly. Others take patience and intentional focus.

  • We create a partnership that is individualized, creative, and dynamic. I do not follow any "program". I draw from successful ideas and strategies from various programs. Together, we design a plan tailored to your situation and needs.

  • The foundation of my process is spiritual in nature and is inclusive of all paths.

My Story

Change is inevitable.  It is also the door to transformation.  In 2011, I made one of the most challenging decisions of my life; I filed for divorce after 8 years of marriage.  It was probably the most difficult decision I ever made.  However, it has led to some of the most rewarding life changes.  In essence, it felt like I was forced to change.  It turns out, this process began a series of events that has led me to living more authentically and therefore I have experienced a more fulfilled life.

Part of my journey included leaving my career of 10 years--a career that was predictable and safe--to pursue what I filled called to do by my heart and my soul.  I know first hand how scary and seemingly impossible it can be in the beginning to make changes.  I also know how gratifying it is, and how helpful it is to have a coach along the way.

Every step--the good and the challenging--has been completely worth it!  I feel blessed to have broken through the crippling fog of fear in order to discover a more fulfilled life.  I want to share this gift with you.

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“Darkness and fear are the Great Awakeners. In facing my fears, I find my freedom.” “Ask yourself, ‘Did I overcome fear and learn how to love?’”
— —Class 28 Meditation, Shifting From Fear to Love, ©2012 Professional Practitioner Studies, Year I,Term 3


2017   Spiritual Practitioner, RScP, Centers for Spiritual Living

2013   Professional Coach Certification, New Vibe Training

2004   Master of Arts in Teaching, Willamette University

2001   B.A. in Psychology/Community Crime Prevention, 

Victim Offender Reconciliation & Community  Mediation

Strength Finder 2.o: Strategic, Futuristic, Connectedness, Input, Activator 


Angela Alcantar, founder of The True You 2day, LLC, is dedicated to life-long learning. As an author, teacher, coach, encourager, her clear purpose is to empower others to live an authentic life. Her curiosity for life drives her to constantly seek expansion, new perspectives, and new understanding. She firmly believes there is always a solution to any question or challenge and she uses her creativity and flexible thinking to explore possibilities. Her compassion and deep listening create a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore--uncovering their own Truth.

Angela is specifically interested in supporting individuals in exploring fear and pain in order to increase one's experience of joy and love. She is able to balance the practical human experience while simultaneously holding space of Spiritual Wholeness and Oneness.

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