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Mirrors-Our Outside World Reflects Back to Us Our Inside World

It is amazing what you notice when you take a moment to reflect.  Take time this week to stop and reflect; ask yourself:

  • How is my outside world reflecting my inside world?
  • What patterns do I become aware?
  • How do these patterns show up in my relationships (at home, at work, at the gym, at the grocery store etc…)?

Feelings of agitation or anger:

How are your relationships right now?  Do you notice yourself getting more easily agitated or angry with those around you (even if they are not the source)?  Are you easily frustrated, even by the littlest things?

Feelings of uncertainty:

Do you notice yourself being less trusting of others because of it?  Do you find it difficult to make decisions?  Do you have difficulty concentrating?

Feelings of joy and love:

By finding love and joy within, how has it changed your relationships in the outside world?  Do you notice more cooperation?  Do you notice more friendly interactions between yourself and others?  Do you enjoy what you’re doing more than before?  Do you get frustrated less often?

To ground this thinking, I will use a quote from the foreword of the 1998 edition of Eric Butterworth’s Spiritual Economics:

     “It is impossible to separate the experiences of our life into mutually exclusive categories in such a manner that one does not influence the other or have impact on another.”