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Numbing Behaviors

We all search for ways to minimize our feelings of frustration, sadness, loneliness…  What numbing behaviors do you use?  Working too much, alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, sex, withdraw, staying too busy, shopping, spending more money than you have…  In moderation, many of these things can be blessings when in balance with the rest of life.  When you use “outside” things to change how you are feeling inside, it can lead to more challenges.  If you are numbing in order to attempt to avoid feelings, take a step back and look at what is happening around you and more importantly, inside of you.

At one point, these behaviors maybe served you, kept you safe in some way.  In each moment, you have the power; you have the choice, to make things different.  You can learn how to make different choices in order to get the outcomes you want. 

If you numb any feelings, you numb ALL feelings (even the more enjoyable ones).  One of the best ways to work through a feeling is to allow yourself to FEEL the feeling in its completeness.  Imagine a young child, when they are happy—they laugh; when they are angry—they yell; when they are sad—they cry.  They feel and move on.  If this is a new concept for you, I suggest you begin with people who can lovingly support you.  As you learn and grow, you will become more empowered to work through feelings on your own (even though support is always great)! 

Coaching can be a useful tool in this process.  A coach can help you identify the area you’d like to change and help you figure out the appropriate steps to move forward.  The steps are designed (by you, to fit your life) with the facilitation of the coach.

You are a whole and perfect being!  If you have lost sight of that, take one step today to remember this truth!  ~Namaste