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Security System

I have been watching a spy program on Netflix and the recurring theme has been about trying to break-in-to places with "impenetrable" security systems.  The thought occurred to me, perhaps an "impenetrable" security system should be built based on the internal systems we use to protect our hearts.  The more I do this work on self love and loving others, the more I understand just how many defenses we use to protect ourselves from hypothetical hurt.  When I say hypothetical hurt, Iā€™m talking about how we allow our fears of what might happen to stop us from living in the moment and appreciating what we have right in front of us--here and now.

Yes, we will be hurt but even then, we can choose how to respond to our hurt.  When we are able to look at each opportunity in our lives as an opportunity to grow, the pain lessens and joy, happiness, and true love cultivate.