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Finding REAL Love

In this day in age, does anyone really know what Real Love is?  It has taken me many months to finish reading Real Love: The Truth about finding unconditional love & fulfilling relationships, by Greg Baer, M.D., but it was so profound; I had to share it with you!

I think these excerpts sum up the main premise (from pages 245-246):

“When you hide the truth about yourself, you’re lying.  And the moment you lie, you can’t feel accepted by the people you’re with.  We can only feel loved when people accept us as we really are.  They can’t do that until we tell the truth and allow them to see us.  The only way to overcome our fear of telling the truth about ourselves is simply to do it.”

The book begins by explaining the behaviors many of us typically use to get what we want or to protect ourselves; these types of behaviors we learned from a very early age.  The unfortunate part is that these behaviors will only get us “imitation love” which is unfulfilling and unsustainable.  The book continues by explaining ways to begin telling the truth about ourselves so that we might experience “real love” which is unconditional and long lasting.

I can easily see how I used “getting and protecting behaviors” in the past only to end up with empty relationships.  During my current transformation, I stumbled upon the strength of telling the truth about myself.  I now realize, on a deeper level, how important it is to tell the truth about myself.  I am experiencing the miraculous rewards of loving myself and truly loving others.

If you are struggling with finding real love in your relationships—with friends, family, significant other--I highly recommend this book!  It might be just the piece you’ve been missing.  You can find a link to this book on my page “Additional Resources, Books About Love & Intimacy”.