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Managing Change…Where to Start?

Have you ever started a larger task and became so overwhelmed with obstacles that you didn’t even know where to start?  Have you ever been so focused on the END goal that it felt almost impossible to envision how you would actually get there?  Has the sense of being overwhelmed actually paralyzed you from action?  Once we become overwhelmed, it can be difficult to accomplish anything.  My recent move helped me realize on a very person level-- deeper than an intellectual level--the importance of starting small.  By starting where I could achieve quick success, I gained a stronger motivation to keep going.

I recently moved from a 3 bedroom house to an apartment half the size.  I did most of the packing all by myself and fair enough to say, it felt overwhelming at times.  Because there was so much to do, I often didn’t know where to even begin.  I would walk around in circles from room to room assessing where to start.  Needless to say, I didn’t get very much accomplished. 

Then it hit me.  I needed a plan; I needed to break this huge task into smaller, more manageable pieces.  I decided to work with the smaller/cleaner rooms first and then work my way to the areas that had more to pack, such as my bedroom.  By starting with the smaller areas first, I began to feel success.  This quick success motivated me to continue to the bigger, more daunting areas.  Every now and then I would whittle away at my bedroom; each time I started to lose focus and energy, I would return to my plan of success to reenergize.  I would look for the next area I could successfully finish packing within the least amount of time.  Having the sense of completion helped me keep going with the larger obstacles, my bedroom and the kitchen.

As Martin Luther King Jr. is quoted as saying, you don’t have to see the WHOLE staircase, you just have to take the first step.