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Holes in the Heart

This crazy idea occurred to me this week (somewhat inspired by a rock I found awhile back).  Maybe we’re not supposed to block love pains from happening; maybe we’re supposed to allow the hole to form and leave it open.  If we can learn to love without attachment—allow love to flow through us rather than try to hold onto it—perhaps then we have reached the greatest love possible…

Occasionally, love from another person will stay with us for an extended length of time.  Now and again, it will leave us too soon.  But if we allow our heart to stay open, we will be more receptive to the love that surrounds us every day.  The pain from loss can be soothed more easily.

Don’t get me wrong, we will still experience times of sadness during loss.  What I’m suggesting is that these times will pass more peacefully when we can let love flow through us rather than try to keep it locked up inside our hearts.

Next time you feel the need to shut down from the pain of loss, try keeping your heart open (as much as you can) and see what outcomes are possible.  Feel the pain but allow it to flow through you while you keep your heart open.  I’m experimenting with this myself and am excited to see what happens. 

 Feel free to share your experiences and perspectives.