Mind Body

Come explore the connection between your mind and the well-being of your body. Discover ways to create the lifestyle you desire. Enrollment simply indicates interest. Payment happens separately

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Enrollment simply indicates interest. Payment happens separately.

Mind Body Connection

This is an accredited class through Centers for Spiritual Living. If you are considering becoming a Practitioner, this course is one of the elective options. Anyone who is interested may take this course.

This course is live and being offered online using zoom.us:

Thursdays, from 10am-12pm PST

April 4th-May 23rd, 2019

$252 (payment options available—see enrollment form; for partial scholarship information, please email me directly: thetrueyou2day@gmail.com)


  • The Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes

  • Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine, by Larry Dossey

Login information and workbook material will be provided upon enrollment and receipt of first payment.