What is a Practitioner?

 What is a Religious Science Practitioner?

A Religious Science Practitioner is one who first does the work to heal herself, and then another, through a recognition of the creative power of the Mind and the ever availability of Good. A Practitioner is one refuses to allow negative thoughts to control her consciousness and uses challenging experiences to grown and expand consciousness of Good.

A Religious Science Practitioner is one who seeks to demonstrate the power of spiritual realization in everyday affairs and believes in Divine guidance. She affirms, in her own mind, images of right action and knows that everything in her life is controlled by love, harmony, and peace. The Eternal Energy, back of all things, animates everything she undertakes and she prospers.

She realizes the unity of Spirit in all people and through all events. She endeavors to greet the divinity in everyone and everything she meets.

She dedicates her life, time, energies, and intelligence to help others through mental and spiritual means and methods.

adapted from graduation ceremony