Workshops & Classes

This Thing Called You

Whether you are new to Science of Mind teachings, or have been practicing for years, you will find this course invigorating as you connect, and reconnect with Source.  This is a highly individualized process enhanced by group sharing and interaction.  You will have various options to choose from that will help you explore what it means to be an individuated expression of God.

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Sacred Listening

Sacred Listening.jpg

The opportunity to be heard with an open heart is one of the most healing gifts one can receive. Learn how to be a sacred listener. All participants will give and receive sacred listening time.

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Beginner Mindfulness Exploration

This workshop is a gentle way to explore a variety of Mindfulness Practice ideas.

A solid mindfulness practice is important for creating change in our lives and in the world. Mindfulness practice helps reduce stress and helps us change our automatic reactions into thoughtful responses.

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